Re: Does anyone want a patch for fields first?

Subject: Re: Does anyone want a patch for fields first?
From: Johan Stenfors (
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 05:09:51 CST

I read the comment about the TOC fields. How much work is it to implement headings numbering now ?

--- Martin Sevior <>
> wrote:
>HI Everyone,
> OK I'm just finishing off the new fields implementation. I can
>produce a multi-line field which can be formatted, updated, deleted, cut
> undone and saved. There are bugs but I'm confident they can be fixed and
>that the framwork will allow us to do Table Of Contents fields. Actually
>I think it will be easy to add this feature now.
>I would like to commit this code. However given that fields have been
>somewhat controversial is there anyone who would like to see a patch
>Otherwise I'll commit it in about 13 hours.

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