Re: Dynamic Zoom Patch - Unix

Subject: Re: Dynamic Zoom Patch - Unix
From: Michael D. Pritchett (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 16:05:05 CST

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From: Thomas Fletcher <>
Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2000 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: Dynamic Zoom Patch - Unix

> Michael (or anyone else) ... are you using QNX/Photon
> and doing builds of AbiWord from CVS? I'm looking
> for someone to work with on 1) Improving AbiWord
> (aren't we all!) 2) Making sure that it is feature
> complete with other platforms. In the past when
> I've made changes to the QNX/Photon stuff I haven't
> posted to the list since I was the only one working
> on it. I'll start posting changes when I make
> them from now on. (Though tinderbox will also show
> the changes too)
> Thomas

Thomas -

I have installed the QNX/RTP on my system. I am still debugging it and hope
to have my network card working sometime in the future. As a result, I am
having to installed the development platform via a different route.

I'll help in anyway that I can.


Michael D. Pritchett

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