Another X-plat framework - ZooLib

Subject: Another X-plat framework - ZooLib
From: Michael D. Crawford (
Date: Sun Nov 05 2000 - 02:58:04 CST


I know there's been a lot of discussion on the AbiWord list about the
best way to do a cross-platform framework and I hesitate to even mention
this for fear of starting up a religious war.

In submitting this I'm not saying you should _use_ ZooLib for your
program, I just want you to know there's another framework out there.
Perhaps there is something you can draw on from it, either code or
architectural ideas.

ZooLib is released under the MIT license as of tonight. Well, last
night. I've been up all night releasing and announcing it.

You can get it at

ZooLib allows you to write a single set of C++ sources and compile
native executables that run on Mac OS, Windows, BeOS and POSIX flavors
with XWindows (such as Linux).

ZooLib applications are multithreaded. Besides GUI with a uniquely
flexible layout system, it provides a single-file database format
(which, being single files, may serve as end-user documents), TCP
networking and extensive debugging support.

My opinion on why ZooLib is good for the community is at

While tonight marks ZooLib's transition into open source, it is not new
code. It has been in development for about five years by Andrew Green
of The Electric Magic Company ( and his client,
educational software publisher Learning in Motion
( I think we all owe them a big "thank
you" for providing this wonderful code to the community.


Mike Crawford

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