RE: A Proposal (why we should have setBold(true))

Subject: RE: A Proposal (why we should have setBold(true))
From: James Montgomerie (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 20:41:07 CDT

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> []On Behalf Of Martin Sevior
> > Well, James says that word export is on the way in a few weeks, so that
> > seems under control. The list patch is waiting on the fields rewrite,
> > althoug Martin (who seems to be the current maintainer) may reconsider.
> > There are lots of bugs, though.

Woah! I only said that Word exporter work would be /started/ in the next
few weeks (I'd like so start now, but there's a lot on at University at the
moment - term ends in two weeks though, so [even though I'll have a full
time job] I think I'll have more time for 'other things' like AbiWord).

Hopefully I'll have a few simple patches (probably plain-text type export,
hopefully with attribute [i.e. bold, italic etc] handling) up and the
framework in place for a full solution this month, but there'll inevitably
be some hitches, so don't go hoping for full round-trippable Word export
just yet :-)


P.S. Has anyone tried the importer patches yet? Are they working (better or
worse than before)? Has anyone tried them on OS/CPU combinations which
aren't Linux/Intel?

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