Re: Unicode, fontsets, international text et al

Subject: Re: Unicode, fontsets, international text et al
From: Petr Tesarik (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 08:42:37 CDT

Hi, once more!

Things seem to be much worse than I thought at first. I can't find an
iso8859-2 postscript font that would work under XFree86. I've got one,
which is Latin-2, but it only works if I mark it with
'adobe-fontspecific' encoding in fonts.dir. As soon as I change it to
'iso8859-2' I can display only the characters, that are also present
in ISO Latin-1. It seems like XFree is expecting the font to contain
glyphs named 'oslash' where 'rcaron' should be, etc. (i.e. the glyphs
that are on the same positions in the Latin-1 encoding). I can't test
it right now, since I've got no means to edit postscript fonts
(/bin/vi is no good choice - the glyph names are hidden somewhere in
the eexec section). For now, I would like to find a tool that I can
use to rename the glyphs in the font file. Does anyone know about
something? I have experimented with Ghostscript and its a
bit, but it cannot generate a correct .pfa file that could be loaded
by the Xserver.

BTW the Right Solution(TM) seems to be unachievable due to serious
bugs in handling Postscript fonts in XFree86. :( I know this is bad
news but - hey, I remember someone has already said that we should not
use the X Window System to render fonts onscreen. Is this the way
AbiWord will go? (I really don't want to spend a month making a
correctly registered font work under X and then find out that it was


Petr Tesarik
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