Re: Where are the AbiSource guys?

Subject: Re: Where are the AbiSource guys?
From: Eric W. Sink (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 06:59:03 CDT

All those guys are still around, but they have all had varying degrees of
other responsibilities. AbiWord is not a revenue activity here at

I am CEO of the company, and as the team has grown, I've had a ton of
obstacles preventing me from spending as much time on AbiWord as I used
to. I still tell myself that I will get back into it in a more meaningful
way. Nobody believes me anymore. :-)

Shaw and Bob are both really busy on other SourceGear projects right now.
Bob is still *fairly* active on the AbiWord project. I think you'll see
Shaw's involvement come back later.

Paul has been busy with a variety of other endeavors, most notably,
preparing to the be the new father of twins. You'll see him involved

I will let each of these guys augment their explanations if they choose
to do so. I'm just giving my impressions, my $.02.

The goal was not to start the project and let the community take over,
but the goal *was* to allow a great deal of community involvement if
there was interest. We're delighted this is the case. Now we're
brainstorming ways of getting our own team members re-engaged in the
project at a deeper level.


>I don't really have a good reason to ask this question, but I'm very >currious. Paul Rohr, Robert Sievers, and the others used to be the most >frequent posters to this list, and now they appear to be gone. Was the >goal to start off the project and then let the community take over, or did >the people at AbiSource just lose interest? > >Just wondering. It's kind of weird when the maintainers of a project you >hack on suddenly fall silent. > > >Aaron Lehmann

Eric W. Sink, Software Craftsman SourceGear Corporation

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