Re: Superscript (run?) bug

Subject: Re: Superscript (run?) bug
From: sam th (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 18:19:43 CDT

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On Tue, 30 May 2000, James Montgomerie wrote:

> While testing my LibOLE stuff, I noticed this strange behaviour. It's
> rather hard to explain, so I've attached a document which exhibits it, so
> you can try it out. It's happening in the current CVS under Linux and it
> also occurs in 0.7.8 under Windows.
> Load the document. Look at the lines which read "Normal 20, This is a red,
> superscripted sentence in all caps, bolded italic and word underlined in
> font size 20, normal 20" on the second page. The red underlined text at the
> start of the second line should be superscript, but it isn't, it's just
> small. The toolbar icons report do it as superscript, however. Highlight
> all the red underlined area (including the leading/trailing spaces) and
> press the superscript toolbar button twice. All is now correct. Press undo
> twice. All is still correct (i.e. it now appears to be showing the original
> state correctly). But it geets stranger still... Quit AbiWord, load it up
> again, and load the document again. Go to the line, but this time ony
> highlight the red text (i.e. not the leading/trailing underlines) and press
> the superscript button twice. Under my Linux CVS build, the text moves into
> a superscript position, but the underline doesn't (i.e. the text is hovering
> above the underline). Under Windows 0.7.8 the selection 'superscripts'
> itsself properly. Pressing undo twice leaves the selection in it's 'new'
> state.

That's really freaky. I looked a both cases in the formatter dump, and
aside from some differences in run breaking (which should be irrelevant)
they were identical. Even in the second case, the heights were all the
same (21) even though they didn't look that way. I think this is a
display problem, most likely.

BTW, I'm impressed by your new patch. Does it allow us to import Word
2000 documents?

                                     sam th
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