overwrite confirmation

Subject: overwrite confirmation
From: Paul Egli (pegli@sourcegear.com)
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 17:05:30 CDT

Bug 655:
> Save an HTML file. Now open a new document, and do a save as, and save
it to
> the same HTML file name. You should get a dialog that asks if you want to
> overwite the file. You don't. This seems odd to me, becuase you do get
> overwrite confirmation dialog when saving to .abw format.

I was messing around with this, and the problem didn't seem to have
anything to do with the file type. Perhaps this bug report is a
misunderstanding of problem that I kept running into: that if you don't
include the ".abw",".html", ".txt", or whatever in the "File name:", it
will save over the file without asking.

To reproduce this open a new document and save it as "cow.abw". Now modify
the document and go to save-as. If you try to save it as "cow.abw" it will
prompt you with the overwrite confirmation dialog, bug if you try to save
it as "cow" (with the "Save as type:" set to "AbiWord (.abw)") then it will
save over the old file without asking for confirmation.

I don't know anything about the AbiWord code, but perhaps it is thinking
that "cow" != "cow.abw" and therefore doesn't realize that it's going to
overwrite something.

Basically, there is still a problem which involves overwriting some
documents without first getting confirmation from the user. Is what I
described the same thing that 655 was talking about? Should I reopen bug
655 or close it or what?

By the way, I'm using AbiWord 0.7.9 on Windows NT. I'm not sure if this
problem exists on other platforms. I can check it in Linux later.

-Paul Egli

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