Re: commit -- Re: Unix PS printing and locales

Subject: Re: commit -- Re: Unix PS printing and locales
From: Kenneth MacDonald (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 05:54:42 CDT

>>>>> "sam" == sam th <> writes:

sam> On 26 May 2000, Kenneth MacDonald wrote:
>> Here's a much better patch to fix the same thing. It
>> temporarily sets LC_NUMERIC to "C" locale and then back to the
>> original setting.

sam> I just tested this patch (thanks to Martin for providing me
sam> with colored text) and it fixes the bug (which was real).
sam> Now pt (portugese, right?) works just as well as english.

Yes, the bug affected any locale that used a non period (.) as its
decimal point (radix) character. For example Portuguese (pt), German
(de), etc.

Coloured text can be set by right clicking on a word and choosing
font, and then the colour tab. I suppose "font" should be replaced by
"style" or something.

Thanks for committing the fix!


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