Re: LineBreaks vs Page/ColBreaks

Subject: Re: LineBreaks vs Page/ColBreaks
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 12:33:35 CDT

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric W Sink <> writes:

Eric> First of all, hitting the return key does *not* insert a line
Eric> break. It inserts a *paragraph* break. The distinction is very
Eric> important.

Eric> A paragraph, also known as a block, is a logical unit of
Eric> content. It has nothing to do with physical positioning or the
Eric> geography of a sheet of paper. Those things are the realm of
Eric> "layout", and terms like lines, columns, and pages are the sort
Eric> of things we deal with there.

Eric> The process of layout is taking logical units of content and
Eric> flowing them appropriately into physical containers. When this
Eric> is done, we can't lose the original understanding of where the
Eric> boundaries of the logical content are.

Eric> A paragraph can have formatting attributes on it, and those
Eric> attributes need to be preserved and changeable, regardless of
Eric> whether that paragraph spans a single line or 10 columns across
Eric> five pages.

Eric> There *is* such a thing as a forced line break, but it's a
Eric> different beast. It's simply an instruction to the layout
Eric> engine to force a line break in the flow where one might not
Eric> otherwise be expected. It does not change the logical
Eric> organization of content.

OK, thanks for the clarification.

Eric> Reading the notes in the this thread, I'm not 100% sure that I
Eric> know exactly what the misconception is. If this message seems
Eric> pointless, than I probably missed the point, and I apologize.
Eric> If you'll rephrase the question, I'll try again. :-)

No, I suspect I'm the one missing the point :)

I'm almost done with a replacement implementation for
fl_BlockLayout::findPointCoords - I just saw some weird behavior I
have to investigate; I may have missed the handling of some special
cases. But when I'm done (probably tomorrow), I'll post it here, and
I'd appreciate if you would take the time to read it.


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