Re: FYI: Your dialog isn't Modeless

Subject: Re: FYI: Your dialog isn't Modeless
From: sam th (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 00:08:02 CDT

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On Fri, 26 May 2000, Paul Cubbage wrote:

> I bcc'd Jef Raskin my comments and he replied:
> I have some comments on Martin's note (I am not sure who is
> communicating to
> whom here).
> "Open 4 windows on your desktop, now which window does your symbol go
> into?" From a UI point of view the answer is "The Window Most Recently
> Focussed".
> I disagree. As soon as you have windows, you have modes. If one of the
> windows has the system focus, then it will behave differently than the
> other
> windows if, say, you try to type into it. Any other window will require
> a
> click in it (or some such) before you can type, but that one can be
> typed
> into directly. I think there is a quote in my book about windows being
> modes
> in sheep's clothing.
> Jef

Martin was writing this for the rest of us AbiWord developers (who are
likely to have to implement these for other dialogs, unless he does them
all for us).

I wonder, since you seem to believe that the behavior Martin described as
modeless is not really, and is not the optimal UI design, what you think a
better solution would be. We are all understandably anxious to have the
best UI possible for AbiWord, and I at least would like to hear your views
on this.

                                     sam th
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