Re: margin adjustment

Subject: Re: margin adjustment
From: Frédéric Gobry (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 08:01:01 CDT


> Unfortunately I'm not a typography so your terminology leaves me confused.

I must admit I haven't been very precise in my explanations...

> I only have experience with X11 fonts where all distances are in terms of
> pixels. The size of X11 fonts can be calculated from their definitions and
> I believe that abi has a mechanism to calculate the widths of text
> strings.

I'm sure there is a programmatic interface to compute the length of a
string, but I'm rather looking for a way to specify it directly in the xml
file in a font-independant manner : in LaTeX, there a two units, called em
and ex, that represents the width of the M and x letters in the current
font. With this, it is possible to specify lengths that more or less "adapt"
to the chosen font.

> Tab distances are given in terms of pixels which can be scaled to match
> the resolution of the rendering device. I don't know the xml description
> of TAB's used by abi but we have DTD on the website. Maybe you can get
> your information from their.

Unfortunately, the field width is stored inside an attribute: the syntax of
these attributes is not documented in a DTD...


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