Re: Tables (How hard can it be) ?

Subject: Re: Tables (How hard can it be) ?
From: Daniel Roberts (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 11:34:51 CDT

--- Johan Stenfors <>
> What is really the problem with tables ?
> I mean for me it seam to be only a matter of tabbing
> the table items into their proper places, not entily
> unlike the way HTML handles this. Once the structure
> is conceived it is only a matter of user interface,
> which could be very rudimentary at first.
> It the display rendered directly from the XML
> fileformat, or is there an internal format in
> AbiWord ?

Interesting... Come to think of it, since AbiWord
uses an XML-type format to save documents, are they
not viewable with Mozilla? I am watching Mozilla very
carefully (I am writing this message with M16, BTW).
I think there are a lot of similarities between a
browser and a word processor. In fact, is a word
processor not simply a browser that can edit that KIND
of document? I do think it looks like a lot of the
same principles are involved.

If table support were to be anything like another
open-source browser project plans, I was thinking
perhaps if the widget AbiWord uses for the document
were to be made re-entrant... Then, why not first of
all implement frames (since tables need frames), then
support tables as a frame with a complete instance of
an AbiWord document nested within another AbiWord
document? Since I am merely a beginner, I don't know
enough to say how hard this is... But does anybody
have any ideas on how difficult this would be to
implement?? After all, what *IS* a table, but a bunch
of nested documents within one document?

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