Re: Tables

Subject: Re: Tables
From: Daniel Roberts (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 11:21:04 CDT

--- Martin Sevior <>
> Tables are not going to be in Abiword any time soon
> unless there is a
> hacker working quietly away on the problem and just
> ready to submit the
> code. We know of people who are capable of putting
> in tables who promise
> to do so after we get a number of other problems
> solved. Everybody here
> would like to have tables and lists and and equation
> editor and frames.
> Abi has none of these at this point. Of those items,
> lists are likely to
> be the first to be implemented- maybe even within
> the next month.

I do understand the need to work on simpler things
first. For tables however, I suppose they ultimately
will depend on frames, right?

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