Re: commit: Modeless Word Count for gtk.

Subject: Re: commit: Modeless Word Count for gtk.
From: Paul Cubbage (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 00:29:51 CDT

Martin Sevior wrote:

> In writing this I discovered an interesting problem with the timer code.
> At least in unix, the
> timer->set(time_in_milliseconds)
> actually executes a
> gtk_timer_add(timer)
> call. This means that if you do a timer.set() to an already running timer
> you end up with two timers running. This is not good. To get around this
> problem always do a
> timer->stop()
> timer->set(ime_in_milliseconds)
> The timer->stop() removes the timer from the gtk list of timers. The
> timer->set(... ) adds it with the new time interval.

I'm not down in the code anymore so please excuse my question if it
seems ignorant:

Is there a potential problem in that "an aready running timer" is
running for a reason? Could
stop a valid process/timer?

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