Re: Summary (was Re: asserts and pagebreaks)

Subject: Re: Summary (was Re: asserts and pagebreaks)
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 12:46:50 CDT

>>>>> "sam" == sam th <> writes:

sam> In summary, the current issues are:

sam> 1- Are problems 1 and 2 above the same (I don't think so).

I agree.

sam> 2- How to fix problems?

Part of the problem is that Mike and myself don't quite understand
what's going on in that function. I read a bit more on it, and now at
least understand why the RUN_JUSTAFTER is necessary.
I will try to write a suggestion for a new implementation, but
probably won't find the time until next weekend :(

In another mail mike wrote:

mike> I didn't know that it had to be run through format() before the
mike> fake runs are applied. I apparently haven't looked into this
mike> specific problem as deep as you've done, but can it be as simple
mike> as adding a format() call after the addition of the pagebreak
mike> run if the pagebreak is *appended* to the document (i.e. at the
mike> last DocPos)?

Actually, it's the format() that causes the assert in problem 1 since
it tries to do coordinate math before the document has been padded
with empty Runs.


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