XP [was: Commit -- Insert symbol dialog Modeless for WIN32]

Subject: XP [was: Commit -- Insert symbol dialog Modeless for WIN32]
From: Mike Nordell (tamlin@algonet.se)
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 20:57:41 CDT

Martin Sevior wrote:

> The widget pointer is cast as a (void *) and stored that way in
> xap_App. If there is no running id the value of the pointer
> is (void *) NULL, which is valid C++ on all platforms.

So is storing a Win32 HWND or a BeOS BWindow* as a void* in the
baseclass, but it's still platform dependent data (albeit in "hidden"
form) in XP code. What's wrong with putting this in the platform specific

> OTherwise it is something else. It doesn't matter what.

Oh, but it does. If the class can't use the data because it doesn't know
what it is, why should that data be in that class in the first place? You
can't really *get* to that data, much less *set* it, without violating
some very basic design principles, and in that case that void* is
probably the lesser of the problems.

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