Re: Commit -- Insert symbol dialog Modeless for WIN32

Subject: Re: Commit -- Insert symbol dialog Modeless for WIN32
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 17:25:03 CDT

On Sat, 20 May 2000, Bruce Pearson wrote:

> Make Insert Symbol Dialog modeless under WIN32
> CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Martin,
> Why is the function UT_Bool XAP_Dialog_Modeless::isRunning(void) not a
> virtual function.

There was less chance of making a mistake propagating the function to the
other platforms and getting the cast on the other platfroms correct.

The widget pointer is cast as a (void *) and stored that way in xap_App.
If there is no running id the value of the pointer is (void *) NULL, which
is valid C++ on all platforms. OTherwise it is something else. It doesn't
matter what.

> Storing a widget pointer in XAP_App is not cross-platform.

I thought it would be OK if it is a (void *).

> Making isRunning virtual means that calling isRunning will call the
> platform specific code to determine if the dialog is running or not.

> EG.
> UT_Bool XAP_Win32Dialog_Insert_Symbol::isRunning(void)
> {
> return m_hDlg != NULL;
> }
> or
> UT_Bool XAP_UnixDialog_Insert_Symbol::isRunning(void)
> {
> return mainWindow != NULL;
> }

That particular code is not nice on the linux platform without some
extra code elsewhere. The m_windowMain protected variable is not set to
NULL upon termination of the dialog.

Subsequent invocation of the "Insert Symbol" command would return that it
is running when it actually isn't.

-Thanks for doing the Windows front end though :-)



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