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Subject: Re: The scrap suggestion, Attn Mike &Sam Th
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 14:20:48 CDT

P.Denis wrote:

> plain text this time,

Thanks. :-)

> On the original suggestion of "The Scrap" I'll try to hopefully answer
> of your reply's, windows has the extension for the scrap as "SHS"

Well, the SHS file mentioned (SHS = SHell Scrap I suppose) is an OLE
compound storage file (try opening it with DFView from VC or possibly
SDK) that has more than one data-stream. One of those streams tell what
document format (in the OLE sense) it was created by, another which
clipboard format is stored in its "clipboard"-data-stream, but AFAIK its
data is still only a byte-copy of the clipboard format.

That's why I wanted to know if we were to use RTF or what, since it's up
to the application to decide what clipboard formats it will
export/present. I'm quite sure that we don't want to create _yet another_
Windows clipboard format.

This and other questions about this "format" is really beyond
AbiWord-dev, why I think a pointer to Microsoft MSDN online is in place.
Try searching for "scrap & clipboard".

But I have to comment on the following.

> Now, if I'm correct in this assumption, the SHS and RUNDLL32 actions
> be replicable for a crossplatform version if it doesn't already
> you could find a Os system other than windows and do it, I would say
that a
> similar type of shs and rundll32 exist) for ultimately all the word
> processor has to do is to be able to execute the instructuons from
> to handle the SHS file it originally created, as the"Scrap". As the
> would apply in the scraps creation from Abi word.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! (sorry for yelling).

To do this, you'd have to re-implement OLE2 on every platform also.
Possibly with portions of the ini-file-from-hell (the registry).
Replicate Win32-clipboard and so on. This is something for WINE, not
AbiWord. One of AbiWords strengs is its memory footprint. Let's try to
keep it that way.

/Mike - please don't comment about me asking you to only reply to the
mailing list. Please reply only to abiword-dev.

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