Re: CygWin x Win32

Subject: Re: CygWin x Win32
From: Harald Fernengel (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 06:45:49 CDT


I had the same problems while trying to port AbiWord to Borland's
C++ free compiler. All OBJ's and LIB's are compiled fine, but
AbiWord.EXE can't be linked. My guess is that both the Cygwin and
the Borland guys have older versions of the Windows LIB's that do
not include new features like Wheel-Mice. I also had to copy
ZMOUSE.H from VC++ to Borland's \INCLUDE dir, then everything
compiled fine but shortly before linking it crashed.

Hisham, I am very interested in your patch. Perhaps if we combine
our two patches, we can use a free compiler under Win =;)

>So, here I am, many many make's later, with 253 .o's and 18 .a's on my
>CYGWIN_NATIVE_4.0_i386_OBJ directory, and no build yet. :) I'd like to know
>if someone would like to help me out or carry on from here on this, I'm sure
>it's just a bunch of basic mistakes that are preventing it from working...
>Still, having a native Win32 build made out of free tools seems to be a
>valid effort.

Just my opinion.


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