RE: POW 19.12.99 questions

Subject: RE: POW 19.12.99 questions
From: Thomas Fletcher (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 01:47:32 CDT

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Alexey Sintutin wrote:
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> > Now I might be on thin ice.
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> > polyLine() is AFAIK just what its name implies?
> >
> > If on the other hand you're suggesting a polyLine which also
> > _fills_ its
> > interior, I'd go for another method name and a fill color
> > argument to it
> > (like polyLineFill(..., rgb color) ).
> Yes, I am.
> Ok. I can write the polyLineFill method for XP and Win32, but I cannot
> implement it in my POW 19.12.99 patch untill polyLineFill for Unix, BeOS,
> etc is not written.

Just to make some things clear here ... I'll take a look
atht eh Photon version of this when I get back to work next
week. I think however that it might be nice to have an
XP version of this call. That way if the native plaform
has such a callout then great, we can use it, otherwise
we can use the generic and likely slower XP version.

During the initial discussion here I was very afraid that
this was not a filled polygone, but a color set on the
pologon itself. Doing this for each platform, when we
already have a setLineWidth(), polyLine and setColor
XAP calls disturbed me.

I think that our graphics class could probably do with
some generalization so that we don't need to have a
drawChar() function which is just a specific instance
of drawChars(). When InsertSymbol failed to towrk for
me because there was an empty drawChar() function at
the XP layer (rather than having it call drawChars with
a length 1 character) it was a real pain.


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