Re: HTML help files

Subject: Re: HTML help files
From: Pierre Abbat (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 16:33:35 CDT

On Thu, 18 May 2000, sam th wrote:
>Well, bob said that he didn't want editing till friday, so I thought I
>would make this suggestion before then.
>Currently, not all of our HTML documents are valid HTML (or XHTML). I,
>personally, would like to change this (if you can't tell, I'm sort of a
>stickler for validity). Now, there is an easy way to do this for HTML.
>The W3C provides a utility called Tidy that takes bad HTML, and makes it
>good. I would like to apply this to all of our HTML.

That should probably be okay for the user documentation, but the table of what
is done, what doesn't work, etc. is written with columns aligned in the source,
and I'd rather you didn't run it through anything that messes it up. Run it
through weblint and fix what it complains about.


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