commit - first pass at English help

Subject: commit - first pass at English help
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 11:44:36 CDT

There are now lots of new files in the tree in the en-US section of the help, thanks to Pierre Abbat and ash. There are a couple points to take note of:

1. Please hold all help edits for a day or two. We want to get some more files in place before we proceed.

2. Chris Caron has a lot of demonstrations, and a corresponding side bar entry for those. The files in question are just way to big to add the tree. The help system itself is really large as it is. Anyway, the point being I have removed that sidebar entry from all documents. We need to come up with a systematic way of get help edits submitted starting Friday that will allow us to maintain some amount of sanity.

More coming either today or tomorrow.

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