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Subject: CVS for patches
From: sam th (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 04:53:58 CDT

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Well, after learning lots about CVS config, I finally go the server to
work, and now my patch archive is availible on CVS. Retrieveing the files
is similar to the way it is done for the abisource archive.

to login -

cvs -d login

to logout -

cvs -d logout

to checkout -

cvs -d checkout patches

of course, you can set the CVSROOT enviroment variable to if you want, in which
case the commands become 'cvs command'.

Anonymous users *HAVE COMMIT ACCESS*. This means that if you want to work
on your, or anyone else's patch, you can do so the same way you would work
with the abiword tree. Additonally, if you post a new patch, I hope you
will also commit it to the archive. That way everyone can keep everyone
else up to date (and I can do less work :-). However, if you change
someone else's patch, try to talk to them first, as you would like to
avoid conflicts if possible.

I hope this is useful to people, and that this lets everyone work faster
to improve abiword. If you have any problems, or any questions about
this, please email me.

If you are going to commit lots of files, a new directory would be
preferable to a tar file, since tar files are hard to read.

To learn about CVS, check out

hope this is useful

                                     sam th
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