RE: POW 19.12.99 questions

Subject: RE: POW 19.12.99 questions
From: Alexey Sintutin (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 03:57:18 CDT

Hello Sam!

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> Are you suggesting this just for closed curves? Or are you talking about
> the line color itself? Either way, adding a color option doesn't seem
> that bad. Additonally, there is no need for a new method. We can just
> change the declaration from
> void GR_UnixGraphics::polyLine(UT_Point * pts, UT_uint32 nPoints);
> to
> void GR_UnixGraphics::polyLine(UT_Point * pts, UT_uint32 nPoints,
> UT_ColorType color=black /*or whatever the default is*/);
> I'm pretty sure that this will do everything we want. At least that's
> what my Stroustrup book tells me. But others more versed in C++ may
> correct me.

Yes, I'm suggesting closed curves to draw tab arrows. Currently they are not

> This is an excellent idea, in my humble opinion. Especially if you're
> planning to provide the code. :-)

Ok. I can provide, but XP and Win32 parts only.

How about the questions ##2,4?

Bye, Alexey.

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