POW 19.12.99 questions

Subject: POW 19.12.99 questions
From: Alexey Sintutin (megabyte@salesexplosion.com)
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 03:18:24 CDT

Hello guys!

Sorry for boring, but is there somebody who can answer my questions
regarding POW 19.12.99?
The questions are:
1. I draw tab arrows using the polyLine method, which has no the Color
argument. What do you think is better, to add a new polyLine method with the
Color argument (Polygon) or to draw arrows using bitmaps?
2. I did not begin to write a new class for the Paragraph Break run, but
there is an easier decision: to add the Paragraph Break sign after last run
of every last paragraph line (see the following sample code). What is your
opinion about the decision? Is it good? Can we use it until the Paragraph
Break run has been written?

    FV_View* pView = m_pBL->getDocLayout()->getView();
    if(m_pLine->isLastLineInBlock() && isLastRunOnLine()){
        // TODO draw the ParaBreak Sign
3. I think it will good if we will create the drawLine method with the
PenStyle argument, which draws solid, dotted, dashed, etc. lines. The method
permit us to vary the editor with dotted column break line, etc. What do you
4. A selection rectangle is higher and wider than a line on one pixel and I
have to draw column boundaries higher and wider then column sise on 2
pixels. Is the size of selection rectangle correct? If no, I am ready to
change size of selection rectangle and correct the POW code.

Bye, Alexey.

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