Re: hj focus fix patch.

Subject: Re: hj focus fix patch.
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 07:34:55 CDT

> Sam makes nightly tar.gz files of the abi source
> tree available on his web site.

I don't know how much space would be gained for d/l'ers, but for dial-up
users maybe a tar+bz2 archive could be of interest too?. I know that I
(as a dial-up user) for sure could use one of these from time to time
since I sometimes change _a lot_ of local code when testing ideas, and to
have to diff all this online against the CVS is, should we say, "quite
cumbersome and time consuming". :-)

Perhaps the tarball on Sams site could also be pointed to by
(with the note that "This is bleeding edge code. Don't expect to
succeed." or something along that line)?

/Mike - please reply to AbiWord-dev only

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