Re: bad c++ (or bug 596)

Subject: Re: bad c++ (or bug 596)
From: sam th (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 17:51:06 CDT

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On Wed, 10 May 2000, Mike Nordell wrote:

> > This is the description of bug 596
> >
> > The following causes a core dump every time:
> [snip]
> > The funtion being called is cmdUnselectSelection, which is a method of
> the
> > classes FV_View and AP_View, where it is non-virtual, and it is a
> > pure virtual function in AV_View. So this error means that we have
> > committed a cardinal sin, and instantiated an abstract class.
> I'd like to see _that_ compiler! :-)
> No, it only means we've lost the _real_ class. An ABC can't be
> instantiated as you know.

Well, actually, what appears to happen is that we create a pointer to the
abstract class (legal), do nothing, and then try to call virtual methods
of that class. (illegal)

> One of the few ways this can happen is if the concrete class gets sliced
> by copying by value to AV_View. Let's close that possibility by enforcing
> it. To the definition of class AV_View we add:
> private:
> AV_View(const AV_View&); // no impl.
> void operator=(AV_View&); // no impl.

This makes no difference in the operation of the code. Same error.

> > The code making the bad call is
> >
> > m_pViewSelection->cmdUnselectSelection();
> >
> > And indeed, GDB tells us that m_pViewSelection is of type AV_View.
> I suppose GDB gets this by looking at the vtable ptr. Could it be that
> the concrete view have been destructed? In that case the dangling pointer
> would contain the vtable ptr to the topmost baseclass, since it gets set
> in that class' d'tor.

More info:

This is where the real initialization takes place.

src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixApp.cpp:470: m_pViewSelection = pView;

Now, this gets called once prior to the crash - when you make the original
selection (makes sense, since it is in setSelectionStatus() ).

The state of m_pViewSelection should only be altered in (potentially) 2
other places, the two places where ->cmdUnselectSelection() is called.
However, these locations are not reached until the actual crash occurs.
So I am at a loss to explain how we mauled this object so badly. If other
people have ideas, I would be glad to hear them.
                                     sam th
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