Photon/QNX Good News (again)

Subject: Photon/QNX Good News (again)
From: Thomas Fletcher (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 08:03:27 CDT

Sorry if this is a re-peat. I think that the
message never got sent out to the list so I'll
try this again ... without the screenshot since
Bob has added it to the website now.



Eric, Paul, Jeff, Shaw, Bob ... and all of you other hard working contributors lurking on the list.

I have just finished checking in what I consider to be a fairly significant patch. I have updated the abi/shots directory with screenshots of the qnx/photon version of the common dialogs. In and of itself this "patch" isn't much, but it represents what I consider to be the catching up of the QNX/Photon port of AbiWord with the Unix and Windows platforms. What remains to be done at this point to bring things in line is to look at some clean up of screen dirt to handle things like scrolling rulers properly, and the infamous "print it like you see it" bugs.

Why is this important? Some of you may have heard about QNX's 1.4Mb floppy demo already. QNX's next initiative is going to be which is providing Neutrino + Photon + Development Tools + Utilities free for non-commercial use. The first public release of this "product" will be a beta seeding at next weeks QNX Users Conference in Vancouver.

The fact that this cool word processor just works with this "new" operating system will likely interest a number of people ... some of whom I'm hoping eventually want to help make AbiWord a better product than it is right now.

Just to give you an idea of what AbiWord running under Photon looks like, I've included a screen shot which I'm hoping can be "patched" onto the AbiSource website screen shots area.

Additionally ... this is a polite heads up to take a look in the qnx directory when you are adding new features etc and try to stub something in. We'll hopefully get a Neutrino box up and running as part of the continuous builds soon.

Thanks for listening to this long message, Thomas

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