Re: Checking the translation

Subject: Re: Checking the translation
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 14:53:30 CDT

Here is the last update of the Help in English version. Here is guys what you
have to do
(I fix all the mistakes Pierre told about in French).

Exept for the OS sections: I abandon giving the specific version files #
(like abisuite-x.x.x-SunOS_sparc32_dynamic.tar.gz) because later it'll be to
complicate to update it. This is only the Help file so it's ok. The last
update should be on the website.

> Basis1: The English version needs a screenshot of the Windows program menu
> in English.
> Unix screenshots of the save dialog box.
I fixed also the problem save under (save_un.gif)

> Basics2: (called basis2 in French)
> Add "or, in Windows, SHIFT and Delete" to cut c.
> do not of panic: do not panic
> buffer/clipboard: clipboard
> Add "or, in Windows, Ctrl and Ins" to copy c.
> ojet: objet
> In Coller b:
> Copier: Coller
> Add "or, in Windows, Shift and Ins" to paste c.

I think that page is wrong. The translation sounds bad (cross, copy, stick??)

> Column: I don't have that in English.
> Credits, custom: ditto.

> Data entry (saisie):
> Add Ins and Ovr indicator on status bar.
> mispelt: misspelled or misspelt
> jutaposition: the image got lost.
> The Cancel button: add "Likewise the Escape key".
> Running statistics of a document: this is in French but not in English.

Also on this page you have to translate the pictures legend
> FAQ: The file in the French directory is in English.

I'll translate it soon!

> Format: Add "Sous Unix la couleur est dans un autre onglet..." and the
> screenshot.

I did it. But TODO in English
> General: I don't have that in English.

> Index: it's working pages and paragraphs: its ability to format pages and
> paragraphs
> Rechercher/Remplacer: Find/Replace
> be thus able to be put into: thus be able to run under
> Go back to publication: Date of publication
> Cut file: File size
> Install: Add "The following sections describe..."

> Linux: Add KDE stuff to French.
I don't see what it is? I don't understand. Help me!

> Paragraphs, picture: I don't have this in English.

> Needs an English screenshot of the Windows dialog box.
> Shortcuts: I don't have this in English.
> Tabs, why: I don't have these in English.
> Windows: The pictures are missing.

Here is the files. I don't join the scrrencaps. We need some screencaps of
Windows in English and of Linux in French.


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