Checking the translation

Subject: Checking the translation
From: Pierre Abbat (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 21:24:35 CDT

About: I don't have this in English.

Basis1: The English version needs a screenshot of the Windows program menu in
La version française dit "Pour créer un nouveau document, il y a trois
possibilités", et en liste quatre.
The word "Nom" in the English should be "Name". I
'll provide Unix screenshots of the save dialog box.
Furling should be explained in French ("furl" est un terme nautique qui veut
dire réduire une voile à une masse plié sur le boom).

Basics2: (called basis2 in French) The icons somehow got lost. The path
"images/" is missing from the URL.
Add "or, in Windows, SHIFT and Delete" to cut c.
do not of panic: do not panic
buffer/clipboard: clipboard
Add "or, in Windows, Ctrl and Ins" to copy c.
ojet: objet
In Coller b:
Copier: Coller
Add "or, in Windows, Shift and Ins" to paste c.

Beos: French doesn't list the version, but English does, in the filename.

Column: I don't have that in English.

Credits, custom: ditto.

Data entry (saisie): Title is in French.
Add Ins and Ovr indicator on status bar.
mispelt: misspelled or misspelt
jutaposition: the image got lost.
The Cancel button: add "Likewise the Escape key".
Running statistics of a document: this is in French but not in English.

FAQ: The file in the French directory is in English.

Format: Add "Sous Unix la couleur est dans un autre onglet..." and the

FreeBSD: parrait: paraît
The English has specific version files but the French doesn't.

General: I don't have that in English.

Index: it's working pages and paragraphs: its ability to format pages and
Rechercher/Remplacer: Find/Replace
be thus able to be put into: thus be able to run under
Go back to publication: Date of publication
Cut file: File size

Install: Add "The following sections describe..."

Linux: Add KDE stuff to French.
The English has a specific version number but the French doesn't.

Paragraphs, picture: I don't have this in English.

Printing: "Group box" is a term I found in Petzold. "Rubric" is a word in
English but I had to look it up. I used "heading" elsewhere. What should I call
Needs an English screenshot of the Windows dialog box.

Sections: Alt-enter added and it is attached.

Shortcuts: I don't have this in English.

Solaris: - D and - C: -d and -c
The usual about version numbers.

Styles: The size is supposed to be changed to 12 but it isn't in the French
version I have.

Tabs, why: I don't have these in English.

Windows: The usual about version numbers.
The pictures are missing.


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