Re: Bug 274 - POW, printer margins on Win32

Subject: Re: Bug 274 - POW, printer margins on Win32
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 17:47:50 CDT

> Mike Nordell ( wrote:
> > OK. But I've tried it on a terrible dot-matrix printer I found under
> > bed, and it then _did_ move the position. It might be that I tried
> > patch after the StartPage call then. Would you give the included
patch a
> > try?
> As provided, the patch didn't work, but changing the lines
> + GetDeviceCaps(m_hdc, -PHYSICALOFFSETX),
> + GetDeviceCaps(m_hdc, -PHYSICALOFFSETY)
> to
> + -GetDeviceCaps(m_hdc, PHYSICALOFFSETX),
> + -GetDeviceCaps(m_hdc, PHYSICALOFFSETY)
> worked like a charm.

Thanks for reminding me of my own mortality. :-)
I did a quick change to it, and naturally I placed the minus signs in the
wrong places. :-/

But, on the other hand it's nice to see that the patch at least seems to
work. Can someone else confirm this (Bob)?

If it turns out to only work partially, like shifting in the right
direction but the wrong amount, at least we now know where to put the
scaled transformation.


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