Re: Bug 274 - POW, printer margins on Win32

Subject: Re: Bug 274 - POW, printer margins on Win32
From: Alan De Smet (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 15:55:36 CDT

Mike Nordell ( wrote:
> OK. But I've tried it on a terrible dot-matrix printer I found under the
> bed, and it then _did_ move the position. It might be that I tried the
> patch after the StartPage call then. Would you give the included patch a
> try?

As provided, the patch didn't work, but changing the lines

+ GetDeviceCaps(m_hdc, -PHYSICALOFFSETX),
+ GetDeviceCaps(m_hdc, -PHYSICALOFFSETY)


+ -GetDeviceCaps(m_hdc, PHYSICALOFFSETX),
+ -GetDeviceCaps(m_hdc, PHYSICALOFFSETY)

worked like a charm.

Much nicer solution than mine. It would be nice for someone else
to try and confirm this, but it looks solved to me.

Alan De Smet  -  -

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