Re: Bug 274 - POW, printer margins on Win32

Subject: Re: Bug 274 - POW, printer margins on Win32
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 18:58:12 CDT

> Mike Nordell ( wrote:
> > Not having access to a decent printer I can't verify the provided
> > solution. Somewone using Win32 that can check if it works?
> Under Win98 with a LaserJetIIIP it didn't work.

What exactly is wrong with the spacing as it is now, without applying my
patch? Is it too far to the left or to the right?
If my patch did shift it the wrong way, how about changing sign for the
SetViewportOrgEx points?

I'm 100% sure that the manual shifting you've tried is not needed. I'm
almost 100% sure it will only be a call to SetViewportOrgEx. This should
only have to be done at GR_Win32Graphics::startPrint() after the call to
BeginDoc(), but wont hurt (much) to put it in
GR_Win32Graphics::startPage() if that turns out to fix it.

What might have to be tweaked is the amount of shifting (since we're
dealing with more than one coordinate system).


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