Re: Saisie au kilomètre

Subject: Re: Saisie au kilomètre
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 03:58:57 CDT

Dans un courrier daté du 06/05/00 04:02:29 Paris, Madrid (heure d'été), a écrit :

<< The saisie page contains that heading, which I found incomprehensible. I
 Chris what he meant by it and he said "miles typing," which makes no more
 than the French. Apparently it means entering words with no formatting. Can
 anyone think of a good phrase for this?

Yeah exactly "la saisie au kimlomètre" is a french mean
something like that: "entering sentence with no formating (bold, italic
etc...) You just type and respect the paragraph. When you finsih typing, then
you format your work!


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