Re: Bug 215 - PgUp/PgDn behaviour on different platforms

Subject: Re: Bug 215 - PgUp/PgDn behaviour on different platforms
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 15:15:13 CDT

> > Pros/cons (P/C):
> > 1. P: Pretty easy to patch. C: If we open this it might be like a can
> > worms in no time, better not do that..
> XP == Cross Platform. We DO NOT want to change that.

That's exactly what I wrote. I just added it as one of the solutions, not
one of the _acceptable_ solutions.

> As I remember, the last time it was discussed, the suggestion I liked
> was a preference. People shouln't be locked into platform conventions
> they don't like. I have grown to like AbiWord's behavior, though I use
> Linux.

That's how I feel about it also. But I probably wasn't clear enough. What
I intended to comment upon was the _default_ behaviour. I think the
default behaviour should as far as possible mimic the behaviour of the
applications the user's used to on his/her platform.


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