Pixel spacing in 2 and 3 columns toolbar button

Subject: Pixel spacing in 2 and 3 columns toolbar button
From: Mike Nordell (tamlin@algonet.se)
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 14:57:30 CDT

The toolbar buttons for two and three columns have only a single pixel
between their "line" representation. Running 1600x1200 and higher, I
first believed that it was a bug I've found since I didn't see that
spacing. Later I found out that it indeed was a space between them, it's
just really really hard to see at these resolutions. It looked equally
confusing in MSWord (that also have a one pel spacing), but I don't see
why we should we have to be "bug"-compatible. :-)

I suggest that either the x-spacing changes to two pixels for all
resolutions, or that we have two xpm's for this. One for <=1024 and one
for greater screen resolution.

For now, I've changed my local xpms to have two pixel spacing, and it
looks OK in 1600.


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