Bug 215 - PgUp/PgDn behaviour on different platforms

Subject: Bug 215 - PgUp/PgDn behaviour on different platforms
From: Mike Nordell (tamlin@algonet.se)
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 14:35:42 CDT

Iv'e seen this kind of trouble in other projects also. Mac (and therefore
at least previously BeOS) uses PgUp/PgDn as a kind of "browse around"
stuff, while Windows (and X-windows?) users are used to have the inser
point moving along.

As I see it is the problem really that the behaviour is defined in
wp/ap/xp/ap_LB_Default.cpp .
The "xp" directory states that we're not allowed to put in any platform
specific defines there, and that's the issue here. On Mac the defined
behaviour is OK, but on Windows it's not. One of three solutions are
possible as I see it:
1. Allow _small_ platform dependent changes in xp files.
2. Implement this as a class where a virtual function stipulates default
behaviour to override for different platforms.
3. Implement this array of 'ap_bs_NVK' per-platform.

Pros/cons (P/C):
1. P: Pretty easy to patch. C: If we open this it might be like a can of
worms in no time, better not do that..
2. P: Nice clean solution that let every new platform supported override
only the keystrokes thay disagree about. C: Performance?
3. P: Every platform have its own set of mappings. C: ?

Please comment on this issue, since it's vital for acceptance.


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