Re: Language

Subject: Re: Language
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 11:44:23 CDT

Here my my abiword.profile in French.
This file need to be updated. ;o)
If you need any screenshot in french ask me and i'll try to do it


<!-- ===================================================================== -->
<!-- This file contains AbiSuite Preferences. AbiSuite is a suite of Open -->
<!-- Source desktop applications developed by AbiSource, Inc. Information -->
<!-- about this application can be found at -->
<!-- You should not edit this file by hand. -->
<!-- ===================================================================== -->

<AbiPreferences app="AbiWord" ver="1.0">


        <!-- The following scheme, _builtin_, contains the built-in application
        **** defaults and adjusted by the installation system defaults. This scheme
        **** is only written here as a reference. Any schemes following this one
        **** only list values that deviate from the built-in values.

                ToolbarLayouts="FileEditOps FormatOps"


                name1="C:\Mes documents\Daddy\Courrier\resiliation.abw"


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