RE: Strings don't work in release binary

Subject: RE: Strings don't work in release binary
From: Henrik Berg (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 08:25:57 CDT

> > The problem is gone on the distribution .exe file I just made. You have
> > to test it on the non-"personal" binary.
> The only difference between the "personal" and "non-personal" builds is
> the artwork included in the splash screen and about box, and the string
> that appears as the build ID.

Yes, so it's a very strange problem :) But it's still a bug/problem/error/idontknow!

Could someone else se this problem? Do you (people on the list) use to test the binary released at version updates? If you do and use the Windows version and use non en-US strings, can you see the same problem?


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