fonts do not load on XFree86 4.0

Subject: fonts do not load on XFree86 4.0
From: Bryan Cebuliak (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 16:20:42 CDT

 I have updated to SuSE 6.4. With a steep learning curve and some manual editing of the XF86Config file I have successfully(?) installed XFree86 4.0,
the only X driver which seems to run my S3 Trio 3D card with a decent resolution (up to 1280x1024).
The xset fp+ line in the abiword wrapper script does not seem to be
accepted by the XFree86 driver.
/var/log/XFree86.0.log spits out:
Removing /usr/share/abisuite/fonts/ from the valid list of fontpaths
(note that the same driver also rejects speedo and Type1 fonts in the same way)

The Abiword 0.7.8 and 0.7.9 exception message is:
Abiword could not load the following font from the X-Windows display
[-"-"Times New Roman-regular-r-"-"-"-0-"-"-"-"-"-"]

Yes, fonts.dir is in the right place. Do we need a fonts.scale, fonts.alias or

A console entry xset fp+ (etc..) gives me the same
XFree86.0.log message. The xset manual from XFree86 says not all X windows
drivers are guaranteed to honour the xset options. Perhaps I have found a
dishonourable driver in the S3 Virge module?

I have also tried coding the
abisuite font path into the XF86Config luck either.

I note in fonts.dir that the "[...-Times New Roman-regular-r-...]" is actually
linked to the the n0210031.pfa file. Which in turn is AdobeFont-1.0:Nimbus
Roman No 9L... and therefore is actually the same as the following line
also in fonts.dir:

n022003l.pfa -AbiSource-Nimbus Mono-regular-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1

Is all this an abiword problem, an XFree86 4.0 problem or my problem?
Bryan Cebuliak

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