Strings don't work in release binary

Subject: Strings don't work in release binary
From: Henrik Berg (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 09:58:32 CDT

Problem: Strings don't work in release binary!

I have been at this before (at 0.7.8) but I thougt it was some error of mine. But the problem is real, for me on my swedish Win98.

I install the released 0.7.9 binary in the default directory. Run it, and gets nice swedish menues. BUT, opening a dialog box (ex Insert/Break) I see english strings.

The string directory is there, .string files are present and even more stange when I compile a AbiWord Personal and replace the release .exe file I get the correct swedish strings.

Try to have a look at this inhouse, should be repeatable if you change language in Windows.

I'm doing a 'make distribution' right now to see if it changes anything.


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