Re: UI bug

Subject: Re: UI bug
From: Robert Sievers (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 11:02:02 CST

At 12:50 PM 3/15/00 -0500, Pierre Abbat wrote:
>I just opened one of the test files and did a save as, changed type to LaTeX,
>and hit OK. I expected it to save it as c_props.latex , but it saved it as
>.latex . This is not expected behavior, and as .latex is a hidden file, can
>cause users confusion when they try to find the file.

Can you get this logged in bugzilla? Check to see whether the problem has
anything to do with changing to LaTeX, or just any other format. My guess
is that the previous name get blasted in all cases.

Robert Sievers
Open Source Evangelist

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