Re: GR_Image is raster specific

Subject: Re: GR_Image is raster specific
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 02:18:34 CST

At 01:37 PM 3/11/00 +1100, Martin Sevior wrote:
>I can't help with this but I'll request a feature of expat 1.1 that Paul
>mentioned. Can we check that MathML tags pass OK? I've been looking at the
>gnome program "erdos" which is some great example code to display MathML.
>I think we might get mathml support sooner than was expected. I was going
>to ask for this some time later but since you are going to go to expat 1.1
>now I thought I would ask :-).

Again, I'm wondering if you know what kind of data structure you want the
equation content to wind up in. Is it also something piece-table-like, so
that you can reuse all the I/O and undo/redo mechanisms?

If it's something else entirely, then we probably want to widen the APIs
between the document and the impexp classes so you can see your tags too.

As a useful thought exercise, you might also want to think where to draw the
API boundary line for converting from other equation formats to the MathML
format you'd be using internally.

For example, for each equation, would the Word importer be generating a
single blob of MathML output which needs to be parsed, or would it be making
more specific calls to populate something more like a MathML tree?

Presumably, a narrower API would be better, but I have no idea what it
should look like.


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