Re: clarifications on changing how fields work

Subject: Re: clarifications on changing how fields work
From: Caolan McNamara (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 02:11:26 CST

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Re: clarifications on changing how fields work:

> At 08:08 AM 3/12/00 -0500, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
> > A good example of this would be a "hyperlink field" (aka URL)
> >where the field text would be the name (foo), while the "extra text"
> >would be the URL itself.
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > In which case, for my example, you'd simply have my URL be an
> >attribute of the field - works for me!

> Again, this sounds like we're converging on consensus here. The field
for a
> hyperlink would be marked up something like the following:

> <field type="hyperlink" ref="">foo</field>

> Of course, I've given a total of zero thought to the actual args here,
> you get the idea. :-)

Just for the sake of completeness a microsoft word field has three
delimiters i.e.
begin "fielddata" middle "resultdata" end

field data being the field string, and resultdata being the last
resultant string or graphic of the field. This allows readers and
importers that cannot parse or understand the field to at least output
the last known result so that it looks ok. The above abiword approach
would allow a similiar effect so it looks like a robust mechanism.

One thing that word also does for the insertion of ole objects or
external entities such as equatrions and clipart is to have the result
stored as a graphic which is a snapshot of the last graphical layout
of the active object. i.e. insert a equation edit object and the
result of the field is stored as a wmf picture of what the object
looked like, again allowing previewers and importers that do not
understand ole2 objects to at least display what it looked like. In
this case the field data itself contains the actual information as to
where the active objects data is stored.


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