Re: expat 1.1 (was Re: GR_Image is raster specific)

Subject: Re: expat 1.1 (was Re: GR_Image is raster specific)
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 15:12:26 CST

At 02:52 PM 3/13/00 -0600, sam th wrote:
>The total size of the unused files is 344k. That's about half of
>expat. Most of this space in in expat-1.1/bin, which is mostly .dlls
>This is just a quick estimate, and we might need a few of them.

Excluding the bin directory from our mirrored copy of expat sounds
reasonable. All we need are the sources, not James' pre-built binaries.

>Currently, the tarball that I have posted is just a drop-in replacement
>for expat. It currently compiles fine on my machine, and if it works on
>others, I would nominate it for being committed. The only abi-side
>changes would be to take advantage of the new features.

To rephrase my original question, here's the test which should determine
whether it's safe to check in Sam's upgraded version of expat:

1. Update your CVS view of the abi tree.
2. Remove the CVS version of expat from your machine.
3. Drop in Sam's package unchanged as a replacement.
4. Do a full build of AbiWord.

If AbiWord builds and runs cleanly against the new expat library on at least
2 platforms, then it should probably be safe to check in. Since we're
testing expat usage, the obvious things to check would be places where it's

  - Strings files with various encodings load properly.
  - You can save and load .ABW files without any glitches.

I'm presuming that Sam has already done all these checks on his Linux box
(right?), so that we just need someone to check it on a non-Unix platform to
make sure that there aren't any other surprises.


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