Re: Framebuffer version of Abi ?

Subject: Re: Framebuffer version of Abi ?
From: Tom Ryan (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 15:39:09 CST

On 9 Mar 00, at 9:59, Paul Rohr wrote:
> AbiWord was designed to take advantage of the types of desktop
> services typically offered by any modern GUI operating system, such
> as:
> - 2d graphics and font-handling,
> - image blitting and stretching,
> - overlapping windows,
> - dialogs,
> - toolbars,
> - pop-up menus,
> - multi-button mice,
> - keyboard input methods,
> - etc.

FYI. SciTech MGL ( has
all the features you mentioned above (well, maybe not toolbars)
and it is very lightweight. SciTech MGL supports Windows, DOS,
Linux, OS/2 QNX, SMX, RT-Target and others.

We are currently considering either porting wxWindows to run
natively on top of SciTech MGL, or doing a port of GTK to SciTech
MGL. In either case, you would have all of the functions you need
to run AbiWord just about anywhere. Since it is very low level
library, SciTech MGL much easier to port to a new platform than
AbiWord itself.

A wxWindows port of AbiWord would be very helpful, since not only
would you get Windows, GTK, Motif, MacOS and OS/2 (nearly
there) support, but you would (eventually) be able to have a very
lightweight version of AbiWord running on top of SciTech MGL as

I said it before and I'll say it again: I wish all the effort spent on
developing and keeping all the various AbiWord ports up to date
(more dialog boxes anyone?), was instead spent completing the
basic feature set that AbiWord needs to become a mainstream
choice for word processing.

..that's my $0.025


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