Re: Core-dump during startup on AIX-4.3.2

Subject: Re: Core-dump during startup on AIX-4.3.2
From: sam th (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 08:47:58 CST

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On Thu, 2 Mar 2000 wrote:

> > 1- Are you running the script (/usr/local/AbiSuite/bin/AbiWord) or the
> > executable itself (/usr/local/AbiSuite/bin/AbiWord_[d,s]) If you are
> > running the bare executable, then that's your problem. Running the script
> > should work.
> I'm running the script. When I run the bare executable, I get an nice GTK
> dialog box telling me to feed it the fonts. Pity...

Good - at least that's working. (That's what's supposed to happen)

> > 2- However, if that's not the problem, then it would be very helpful if
> > you could provide the stack trace from gdb (or whatever debugger you use)
> > when your copy segfaults.
> I put the stacktrace from 'dbx' in the defect. Unfortunately GDB isn't
> currently working on AIX-4.3 core dumps, but I've been informed that a
> correction has been developed for IBM and I should get it in a week or so.
> I hope.

Ok. I've looked at the trace, but sadly it seems to not have that much
useful info. Is this trace from a debug or regular build? If it's a
debug build, then I am really lost. As it is, free_y, which is where it's
segfaulting, is not a function in our code, I think (not our naming
conventions). So I'm not sure where it is.

> > 3- Finally, you do have unixfonts as a peer to your source directory when
> > you compile, right?
> I'm never entirely sure what this means. What I have is
> /internet/port/abi-0.7.8
> /abidistfiles
> /wv
> /unixfonts
> /expat
> I also have
> /internet/port/abi (cvs version)
> /wv-0.5.43
> /libwmf-0.1.17
> /freetype-1.3.1
> and many, many other strange things...

That's just what I meant.

> Thanks
> Ciaran
Thanks for all the info. We'll get this to work sometime.
                                     sam th
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