Re: AbiWord bug #716 - close or open?

Subject: Re: AbiWord bug #716 - close or open?
From: sam th (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 20:13:04 CST

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On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, Robert Sievers wrote:

> Sam logged a bug relating to default population of the print dialog, and I
> believe the current behavior is correct. I was going to close it, but
> wanted to get a second opinion before I did. Does anyone else have strong
> feelings about this?
> "If you print and change options in the print dialog box (examples: print to
> file, # of pages) these options are repeated if you hit print again, even in
> another, newly created (or old) document, the options are reproduced (it
> prints
> multiple pages again.) These choices are also maintained in the print dialog
> box. They do not persist between multiple sessions of Abiword."
> Robert Sievers
> Open Source Evangelist

I just wanted to clarify this bug report, which I now see needs doing. I
noticed this after printing out 8 copies of a document for distribution,
hitting print on the toolbar to print one for myself, and getting 8 more.
Therefore, this bug is better put "the print toolbar button replicates the
previously used options." To my knowledge, this is not how other word
processors behave, and it is certainly not how I expected abiword to
Bob- if you think we should close this and open another clearer one, we
could do that. I will post these comments in the bug, and then you can
decide what to do.
                                     sam th
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