Re: Scripting with Visual Basic Clone

Subject: Re: Scripting with Visual Basic Clone
From: Juan Carlos Castro y Castro (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 11:50:00 CDT

Big Ed wrote:

> Options thus far?
> (NOTE: 'Scripter' refers to your avg. windows Office hacker)
> (snip snip)
> *VB clone - has the benefit of thousands already knowing it, yet security
> problems are readily appearant.

(ahem) The security problems have nothing to do whatsoever with the language. If
MS had chosen Perl as its scripting language, we'd all be saying, "Aaaargh, Perl
== Insecurity !!!", because all the capability to make evil system calls from a
document would be there.

I still think (forgive me Aaron) that VB should be available as a scripting
language, although not the default one. We DO want as much MS Word compatibility
as possible, don't we?


P.S. My vote for a "good" language goes to Perl and/or Javascript.

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